17 Aug 2014

'London Glam' Featuring Crown H&B Spa + Kora Rae

Hi Guys,

I don't know if its obvious but I don't make it a secret about my lack of skills when it comes to hair and makeup. Of course I can manage on a day to day basis, and at most glam up for a special event now and then; but its not something that comes naturally to me. I think you either have it or you don't! But of course I do love glamming up, so when the lovely Sahar over at Crown Hair & Beauty contacted me about coming over and getting glammed up by them I jumped at the opportunity!

On Saturday I went over in the afternoon and I had such a lovely time getting primped and pampered. The spa itself is beautiful and set on a buzzing high street in Hammersmith. All the girls were so lovely and took care of all my needs. They not only offer hair styling and makeup services, but they also do nails, waxing, laser hair removal, facials, massages and much much more! Check out their website for their very competitive and affordable rates because I seriously can't recommend them enough! As you can see in the photos, they made me look so beautiful - I could never have achieved that look on my own!

It happened to be a birthday of a dear friend that evening so it was nice to get glammed up and actually have somewhere to go after! We went to Benihana's in Chelsea - it was my first time there and I think its a great place for a special event. My outfit of the evening is this stunning Cobalt Blue jumpsuit with the pretty sleeve details from the Kora Rae collection; designed exclusively by the lovely Rachel Turzer. I am so in love with their elegant and classy collection, everything is of the highest quality and you just feel special wearing one of their pieces.

Check out the photos and hope you like the look! xoxo



  1. You are flawless! Obsessed with your hair and this blue outfit on you. So classy and chic.

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