21 May 2016

Pink & Gold

Hi loves,

Another week has come and gone and Aydin has learnt some new tricks. Lately his obsession has been the TV; if you follow me on Snapchat you'll know what I mean. I can't keep him away from it! I had previously placed some cushions around it to stop him but now he's figured out how to use them as climbing supports so I have to come up with another strategy! Baby proofing is never ending isn't it? He is also now able to climb up on the sofa all by himself - so he basically cannot be left alone for even a second. As you can imagine I have my work cut out for me so he keeps me really busy. So when people ask me how I'm so skinny after having a baby - a hyperactive child who never sits still is how I've burnt off those last few pesky pounds! I wish there was an easy one size fits all tip I could give all the moms who ask me for tips but the honest truth is you just have to eat less and move more.

I'll be doing a blogpost about my general diet and activity in the early days soon so stay tuned!

Anyways today I attended a dear friends baby shower - she's having a girl so the theme was pink and gold - right up my alley! I luckily already had a cute pink dress which I found at Zara a few years ago so I just styled that with my gold Kate Spade clutch and some cute gold accessories. I got a chance to wear my beautiful gold mother of pearl necklace from Tienne Jewellers. They carry some of the finest jewellery brands such as Pandora, Swarovski, and Thomas Sabo so check them out next time you need to find that perfect gift!



  1. You're such a doll J. So beautiful mashallah

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