12 Jan 2016

Hello again! :)

You guys, I haven’t blogged in so long I think I might have forgotten how to. I’m so sorry to all of you who have been asking for blogposts, the truth is I genuinely haven’t felt like doing it. I’m not sure why, I’ve been putting it off for the longest time because I don’t see the point in blogging if my heart isn’t in it. As most of you know I was in Dubai for a month and just got back to London recently. I honestly feel so refreshed after that break away, feel like my batteries have been recharged. 
It’s a new year and I’m going to make a solid effort to blog more often. Aydin is now 9 months old and has settled into a proper routine so that gives me more time to myself too. 
Okay so moving on….I know the blogpost you are all waiting for is HOW I lost all my baby weight. I have been asked that from so many of you on both Instagram and Snapchat! I will be doing that for my next post, don’t worry I promise I will. I just wanted to make sure the post will actually be helpful to you guys and not just useless info. 
Today however I just wanted to talk about how my life has changed since becoming a mom. I was honestly so scared about becoming a mother because I just didn’t think I had it in me to do it all and more. And I guess thats a normal thought to have, but I have to say when your little one arrives you just get on with it and it all comes to you. He has just fitted himself into our lives and now I honestly can’t remember what I did with all my free time before! 
I know a lot of you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat but I got a message the other day from someone saying she loves my snaps but doesn’t know much about me. That got me thinking that this is probably true, I’m actually quite a private person in some ways. So would you guys like to know more about me? Things like where I grew up? (It’s not Pakistan or Canada!). Or what I do as a career? If you have any questions like that send them to me via my email (dulcevitabyj@gmail.com), or on Snapchat/IG and I’ll do a blogpost to answer them all! 

Lots of love xx


  1. You are the perfect little family <3 Trying to wait patiently for updates to this blog!

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