22 May 2015

My Birth Story

It's been forever since I've blogged, but I think I can be excused due to the craziness that has taken over my life the past few weeks. Of course as most of you know I'm a new mommy! Aydin is now almost 8 weeks old and keeping me on my toes! And to top it off we had just moved into our new house 2 months before he was born and there was so much to do! There still is. Every weekend is just DIY, Baby Stuff, DIY, Baby Stuff and so on.
I thought since its my first blog post since I've had Aydin, it would be fitting to share my birth story with you all. I had had a very smooth complication free pregnancy through out and was fully expecting to go full term or even over due. But Aydin had other plans. He decided to arrive 5 and a half weeks early. It was a Thursday night and I was 34 weeks and 2 days along. I had been sleeping on and off, because lets face it, third semester sleep is not the greatest. Around 2 am I was sort of drifting and all of a sudden I felt a massive gush between my legs. Now only for a split second did I wonder if I peed myself, but I knew instantly my water had broken. I froze and had an internal moment of panic for a few seconds, then got up and ran to the bathroom. Yep it was definitely my waters. I screamed to Ferouk to wake up and get my hospital bags together. Which btw I had just finalised and packed that morning! He woke up looking really confused and started running around like a headless chicken but at the same time telling me to calm down and don't panic. I was definitely panicking because I just kept thinking it's too early; baby's not ready.

We got in the car and drove to the hospital and arrived within 20 minutes. The doctor who checked me confirmed that my water had broken but since I wasn't in labour they said they would monitor me for 24-48 hours and see if labour started naturally. If it didn't she said they might send me home for two weeks and monitor me closely. I didn't like the sound of that at all because it sounded quite risky. So after that I was hooked up the monitor which checked baby's heart rate and movements throughout. Everything was looking fine but still no sign of labour. After almost 24 hours nothing had happened, and another doctor who came on shift checked me over and said I had lost too much water so would definitely need to be induced. On Friday evening I was moved to the delivery suite and asked if I wanted an epidural. I said yes without blinking! Before this point I wasn't sure if I wanted one or not but since I was already stressed out I decided it would be best to get it. After the epidural was given, (which by the way was not as bad as people had made it out to me and I wouldn't hesitate to get one again), I was put on a drip to induce me. Slowly I started feeling small contractions but since I had the epidural I wasn't in pain and could sleep. Around 5:30 am on Saturday morning baby's heart rate dropped and everyone came running, but it stabilised again quickly. The doctor said if it happened again they would have to rush me to the theatre for an emergency c-section. About 10 minutes later it happened again and then the madness started. I was taken to the theatre, prepped, given more epidural, and 15 minutes later Aydin was born at 6:02am on March 28th weighing a small 2.24kg.

Before this the doctor had pre warned us that since he was gonna be born early he would most likely need some time in the NICU for a while. We were quite prepared for that mentally so when he was born they took him to get checked out by the Paediatrician straight away. I was taken to the recovery ward and about 30 minutes later they brought him back to us saying he was perfectly fine and didn't need any help at all.

So that's basically what happened and I have to say I had been dreading the whole experience but in the end it turned out to be not so bad, even though it was very unexpected. My mom had to book a last minute flight from Canada and she arrived the morning he was born, so that worked out too!



  1. Aww lovely to read it so heartfelt !! Mwahh Aydin is gorgeous like his mum ! Congrats again Hun


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