8 Dec 2016

A quick wave hello...

I know I haven't blogged in ages but I was just sitting in bed listening to John Mayer after a very long day with a sick toddler and thought why not? It might help me relax a bit. I am seriously starting to hate cold and flu season. I can't take Aydin anywhere without him catching something. It's always the same, high fever, runny nose, sore throat, chesty cough. As soon as he recovers, something else shows up. We're lucky he still sleeps well despite being sick, poor thing. But as a mom its hard to watch your little one suffer, especially when there isn't much you can do for them. Lately I have been finding it so much harder. I don't know if its an age thing. Toddlers are seriously so much work as compared to younger babies. Aydin was quite a challenging hyper baby, but I didn't find myself as exhausted by the end of the day as I do now.

Anyways I find listening to calming music quite relaxing and one of my favourite artists to unwind to is John Mayer. I've been a fan of his music from way back in the day. A few weeks ago I was listening to him and I randomly thought how awesome it would be to attend one of his concerts. I could literally picture it in my mind and was thinking I should check if he's ever gonna come to London. Suddenly I had a feeling that what I was imagining felt like a real memory. I was literally sitting there thinking 'Have I already been to his concert and I can't remember?!'. So I logged into my email and did a search for 'John Mayer' and guess what? Yep I have already been to his concert back in 2013 when he played at the O2 Arena! I went to it with Ferouk and I had such an amazing time, it was one of the best experiences ever to see him live. I couldn't believe I had totally forgotten about it! I definitely felt quite unsettled after that. I wonder if its normal or am I losing my marbles slowly? Maybe exhaustion can do that to you!

Speaking of exhaustion, so many of you ask me how I've gotten back in shape after Aydin. The short story is that my initial weight loss was due to strict weight watching and dieting. I cut out carbs pretty much completely for the first few months and then counted calories. The good thing with me is I have pretty good will power so when I'm in the mode to lose weight I can usually stick to it quite well. Not that I eat much anyways so maybe its easier. After I lost the initial 8kg or so I got lazy and the last 2kg took AGES to come off. I was quite happy at 45kg but over the past few weeks I've dropped down to 43kg due to Aydin keeping me really busy, so busy I barely get time to eat more than 2 meals a day. And whatever I do eat I burn it off. So lately I'm trying to eat more because I don't want to keep losing even more. Yea funny how I have the opposite problem now!
But to all of you who want to lose a few pounds, the most important thing is diet and for that you need a lot of will power. Find something that will motivate you and pick a goal and just take it one day at a time. Cutting out carbs is also good.

If you guys like this little intro to my weight loss, I can do more details posts about actual meals that I ate plus other tips.

Let me know! :)



  1. Yes please could you share your meals and tips please. I am struggling to lose weight so any help will be much appreciated. Thank you

  2. Definately would love one about your weight loss journey! I'm horrible with my diet; can't live w/o my sweets. My 5 days/wk of exercise probably go to waste due to that :'(

  3. yes please share meal tips and what you ate and how long it took you to drop the lbs.

  4. Indeed please would you be able to share your dinners and tips please. I am attempting to get in shape so any assistance will be highly valued. Much obliged to you

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