22 Sep 2016

Travelling with Sudio Sweden

Hi guys,

So I thought I'd do a quick blog post before I go away on a short getaway this coming weekend. Yes that's right I'm actually going on a very mini vacay! And the kicker is that I'm going without my husband or Aydin on a little girly trip. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Like I told my friends, I'm probably the most excited about getting the chance to sleep without anyone disturbing me and having a lie in. And of course spending 3 days without anyone climbing all over me! We're off to Lisbon, the weather should be lovely so I'm really looking forward to it.

Anyways I started planning and packing this week and I happened to receive the most perfect thing in the mail the other day; a fabulously pretty pair of blue tooth headphones from Sudio Sweden!
Firstly they are just so pretty and elegant that even someone like me who is not a tech fan, loves using them. They come with their own cute carrying case and provide studio quality sound, are extremely light weight, and provide 8 hours of wireless freedom! Definitely worth the investment in my opinion, they also come in other chic colour combos such as white and rose gold, black and rose gold, and blue and gold.

Click here to get your own pair and use my special code riyya16 to get 15% off! Such a great price, you guys have to try them I promise they look even better in person!

Stay tuned for lots of posts on my instagram from my mini break! xoxo



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